On 5th December we hosted the second in our series of expert led talks, The Gut Conversations powered by Symprove, to release their exciting new research. It was another lively and stimulating debate attended by key media and moderated by the lovely Get the Gloss editor Victoria Woodhall. The panel included Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Eve Kalinik and Professor Simon Gaisford.

The new research showed Symprove positively enhances the microbiome and substances produced by gut bacteria to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. The new research published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutic highlights that ‘good’ bacteria in the live, water-based probiotic Symprove, can successfully reach and colonise the gut, where they go on to positively influence the existing gut flora and are capable of reducing inflammation and modifying immune response. Once again it becomes apparent that Symprove works and is transforming one gut at a time and supercharges even the healthiest people’s microbiomes.