Injury-proof your Marathon journey

Have you started your Marathon training and realised that it is a little bit harder that you expected it to be? Not recovering as quickly as you would like after your run? Or maybe you want to maximise your training to beat that PB? Whatever your reason might be, a Running MOT is the perfect way to help you reach your goals.

The high intensity nature of running can take its toll on our bodies, especially due to our 21st century lifestyle which is defined by negative daily activities including bad posture, inactiveness, deskbound jobs, phones, heavy handbags and high heels. Over time, all of us develop a number of compensatory movement patterns – it could be to get around areas of weakness, or the result of an injury, or in response to a lifestyle-related issue.

So, if you think it’s worth spending an hour to have an expert physiotherapist assess your posture, movement patterns, range and quality of movement, to understand where you are now, what the issues may be, what’s caused them, and what to do about it before they become painful or damaging, then a Running MOT is a great idea.

During the session a physio will collate information from a number of tests to develop strategies to minimise the risk of injury using techniques such as biomechanical correction, running technique correction and strength and stretching exercises to correct any weaknesses or imbalances. He or she will then give you a plan to address the underlying issues, of the best exercises/strategies that you could do to help and resolve any problems or prevent injury.
Ten Health & Fitness offers a brilliant Running MOT where one of their top physios will guide you through an hour long Running MOT. The Physio will give you bespoke tips and advice on how to work with and around your weak spots and niggles. A MOT is an important part of a prehabilitative approach to you training and will help you to get a greater understanding of your body and how it works to help you with your training and to get the best preparation for next big race.