Two models wearing different shades of Emolyne lipstick in red

The Lipstick Effect

One product can almost always be relied on when it comes to economic changes, and it may not be a product you would expect. 

The beauty product turned economic predictor has become known as the Lipstick Effect. This powerful beauty product may not carry much influence in the traditional economic sector, but when premium lipstick sales soar, it can be a sign of economic decline. 

It has become a trend for consumers to buy what is often called the affordable luxury during recessional times. It feels special to buy something that feels posh without breaking the bank. Lipstick holds a unique power to make us look beautiful, feel confident and indulge in a small hope.

Despite economic issues, there is no surprise to see a continuous rise in premium lipstick sales, especially when consumers just want a dash of hope. 

Here at The Beam Room, we understand shopping for a small luxury product should not be difficult. Enter Emolyne Cosmetics. It has the perfect shade for everyone. A simple quiz helps you choose your perfect shade from 30 velvety lipsticks and defining lip liners. Top it with one of the six hero shades from the Gloss Lip line, and you will look and feel luxurious.

“Makeup has never been a one-size-fits-all category. For me, it represents a journey of self-discovery: discovering that perfect signature shade in a playful way, and making it your own.” 

– Emolyne Ramlov, Founder of Emolyne Cosmetics

Lipstick is easy and transformative, making one feel put together with a simple swipe of colour. With Emolyne, it has never been easier to feel lavish, no matter what is happening in the world around you.

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