Presenting PRISM LIGHTS: Bring back your child-like blonde

Having glossy, coloured hair is sometimes difficult to achieve. Luckily, the PRISM LIGHTS is an innovative technique which uplifts the face. Its ‘whisper-light’ application creates light-reflecting colour giving the gloss and shine which is often so hard to achieve with coloured hair. PRISM LIGHTS are ‘free painted’ onto the hair in fine strands, with lights concentrated around the mid-lengths and through the root. The ends of the hair are then also free-painted by layering two tones of subtly lighter shades resulting in a seamless look.

The magic of PRISM LIGHTS lies in its special light reflecting abilities. The pioneer of this technique, Christel Lundqvist, is the three time winner of the Colour Technician of the Year Award. Her expertise is demonstrated beautifully in this technique with the prism method allowing the light to ‘open up’ and stream through the hair, bouncing off the cuticle six times more than it normally would, giving your face a halo of radiance.

In order to achieve the prism effect, getting the shades right is crucial. It’s not only your colouring which needs to be taken into account but also the light around you. British light is very blue, so the shades need to be bright and clean. Luckily, STIL Salon provide a bespoke colouring service where the colourist looks at your complexion, eye colour and natural hair colour to see which shades will give you the best result. Each hue is carefully selected to create the perfect balance of colour.

Ultimately, the PRISM LIGHTS technique brings your hair back to life by giving it back its childhood blonde. Its polished yet natural appearance gives the hair added depth and shine.