Making the most of your make up

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Multi-use makeup is on the rise with trend forecaster Mintel reporting that 41% of US female beauty buyers would be interested in multi-purpose beauty products. Time is becoming a more a precious commodity with these recent stats reflecting this. Women are looking for products that will help them to streamline their beauty routine, whether that be a product which combines skincare and makeup or a blush that doubles up as a lipstick. To help make the most out of your make-up, we’ve curated our favourite tips and tricks.

Almost anything can be an eyeshadow

J-Lo’s MUA Scott Barnes recently starred on Youtube sensation Tati Westbrook’s channel and created a J-Lo inspired glowy look on her. In this, he used a bronzer as an eyeshadow resulting in Tati giving him a rather perplexed look. Scott simply replied ‘ there is no reason you can’t use your cheek products as eyeshadow, it’s just marketing telling you you can’t.’

Well if it’s good enough for J-Lo, it’s good enough for us! Using your blusher, bronzer or highlighter as an eyeshadow is a fantastic way to simplify your makeup bag and create an effortless, put together look.

You can create a whole eyelook with a tapered eyeshadow brush

Complex, internet beauty routines have led us to believe that we need an array of different brushes to create a single eyelook. But a tapered eyeshadow brush can do the job of nearly a whole kit if you use it the right way.

Tapered brushes are round with a more pointed tip shape which gives them different surface areas to work with. For creating a soft, blended crease simply press a little harder on application so that the brush point is softer. This creates a larger surface area on the brush allowing the eyeshadow to diffuse outwards giving a crease with no harsh edges. For strong pigmentation on the actual lid, press the side of the brush into the shadow and pat onto lids. By using the side on the brush you are using the densest part allowing it to pick up and place on the most product. Finally, you can add definition to the outer corner by using the tapered end. Simply (and gently) place just the end of the point into a darker eyeshadow and very lightly, in incredibly small circular motions apply to the outer corner to add depth to this point resulting in a larger looking eye.

Products with high natural ingredients can be used anywhere on the face

Brands such as Kjaer Weis and Lilah B use natural and organic ingredients in their products which means they are suitable for anywhere on the face. As these products work with the skin rather than against it, they can be used on more sensitive areas such as the eye and zero toxic ingredients mean that they are completely safe to use on the lips as a lip-tint. Those which are cream based are also incredibly buildable which allows you control the saturation and go from a very sheer to a very concentrated look.