Packing for a trip can be a tedious task, especially when you try and fit all your skincare products into one small bag. What beauty products do you absolutely need? All of them we say. Then there’s the task of decanting all your products into 100ml containers. Nothing ever seems to fit.

Bolt Beauty is the new on-the-go, zero compromise skincare brand that is made from biodegradable seaweed capsules. Each clever formula comes in a blueberry sized pearlescent, seaweed capsule which, once used, can simply be dissolved in water or thrown in your compost bin: zero waste beauty.

Bolt Beauty was born from the frustration that most women face when travelling – the lack of quality, on-the-go skincare products that are travel friendly. Not only does Bolt Beauty offer a solution to this problem, it offers incredible skincare that is sustainable, biodegradable, carbon neutral and cruelty-free. Each product comes in an easy to store, refillable home jar with all refills made from fully compostable refill bags and a clever stackable system that holds up to ten capsules in each part.

This means a weekend away or taking beauty products to the gym doesn’t leave you compromising on your skincare routine.

It was reported that 120 billion units of packaging was being produced by the global cosmetics industry each year, with the majority of this not being recycled. This has brought about the need for eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable beauty. Lisa Sexton, founder and creator of Bolt Beauty, wanted to make a product that didn’t compromise on the bigger picture – the planet. She has done just that.

“I believe beauty should be zero compromise. This means beautiful products made from safe and effective ingredients, that can easily be taken wherever you need them, without any hassle. We also can’t compromise on the bigger picture: the things we buy shouldn’t harm the planet and must be easy for the consumer to sustainably use and dispose of. You should be able to maintain a great skincare regime without your life revolving around your bathroom cabinet. .”

– Lisa Sexton, Founder and Creator of Bolt Beauty 

Bolt Beauty launched with four innovative products. ‘Filthy Clean’ gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. ‘Mad about Moisture’, a nourishing moisturiser with antioxidants to quench thirsty skin. ‘Vitamin A Game’, a clever 0.15% retinol plus Vitamin E, making it ideal for those prone to reaction or just introducing a retinoid into their skincare routine. And ‘Glow, Don’t Shine’ which is designed to fight blemishes and excess oils without diminishing the dewiness of the skin.