The Best Beauty Tech Trends for 2022

Beauty tools are the best new at-home gadgets that give your skin clinic results from home. “Having any kind of effective facial tool at home will encourage you to give yourself a facial which is so important for self-care and relaxation,” says Nataliya Robinson, holistic facialist.  

Although beauty tech has been around for decades, it is only in recent years that the sector has seen staggering market growth, with predictions suggesting it will surpass £25 billion by 2024, according to the 2019 Global Beauty Devices Market Report.  

Here at The Beam Room we highlight the best in beauty tech for 2022

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Digital LED Light Therapy Face Mask

This device is one of the best medical-grade LED masks on the market as it harnesses the skin-improving powers of red and near-infrared light to regenerate the skin and encourage increased collagen production and blue light to smooth fine lines and reduce acne, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow like no other. 

Microcurrent Device – NUFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device

The Facial Toning Device uses a very low level of electrical current and conductive gel that works on the muscles of the face, rather than just the skin, to define your facial contours and tackle fine lines. 

RÉDUIT Skincare and Haircare Devices 

A range of category redefining devices that harness the power of Magnetic Misting and Ultrasonic Diffusion, allowing you to enjoy skin and hair treatments at home. The Magnetic Misting (patented) and Ultrasonic Diffusion technologies disperse droplets that are 50 times smaller than traditional mist applications, allowing treatments to break through the protective layer of the skin and hair, generating magnetic waveforms to reach deeper than any traditional products, whilst leaving no greasy residue.

BeautyBio’s GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool 

The innovative, minimally-invasive treatment uses tiny needles that lightly puncture the outermost layers of the skin to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production resulting in a long list of skincare benefits; including ultra-smooth skin and reduced signs of ageing. 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Facialift

This manual at-home gadget is designed to massage your skin, giving you that clinic feeling from home. The gadget drains toxins and relieves tensions, all you have to do is massage the wheels along your jawline.   

Panasonic EH-XS01 Facial Steamer 

For salon-worthy facial steaming, use Panasonic’s at-home steamer that produces micro steam particles that deeply penetrate the skin, for clearer, brighter and softer skin. 

L’Oreal’s AI-Powered Perso Device 

This is the world’s first AI-Powered Device for skincare and cosmetics, “the 6.5-inch beauty tech device delivers personalised on-the-spot skincare and cosmetic formulas by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. Available via a mobile app, the customer will take a photo of their face on their phone, the AI will then pick up a variety of skin conditions from deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and pores,” says Nicolas Hieronimus, L’Oreal’s Deputy CEO. Resulting in a blend of high-performance skincare tailored to you.