Harness the power of birch in your bath

As the winter weather faded and the spring sun began to shine those living in ancient, rural Sweden would cleanse their skin using birch leaves. Packed with micro-nutrients,birch leaves served as nature’s cure to dry, damaged skin which needed attention after the harsh winter months.

Swedish, ecoluxury brand Björk & Berries have created the Birch Ritual Collection to pay homage to this tradition. The collection harnesses the power of birch creating an easy, three-step at home spa treatment to give your skin a spring awakening.

Start by pouring the Botanical Bath Salts into hot water and enjoy their detoxifying abilities. Relaxing lavender, birch, lemon balm and chamomile flowers are blended with unbleached natural sea salt to create a mineral rich formula. Bathing in the bath salts allows your body to have its own ‘spring clean’ by activating your lymphatic system, draining out the unwanted toxins. The soft aroma creates a tranquil moment allowing you to cleanse your mind while the purification properties of the ingredients detoxify your body. The mind and body are cleared allowing them to work in perfect harmony.

After the body has been cleansed it should then be exfoliated. Exfoliation doesn’t just remove dead skin but can stimulate circulation giving the skin a summertime glow. The Birch Ritual collection offers two solutions to buff away old skin. Their plant-based Exfoliating Bath Soap removes dry skin cells and hydrates the layer underneath using a mixture of nourishing and exfoliating ingredients. Pumice and willow bark extract act as nature’s own exfoliants and buff away dead skin. This allows the rose hip, sunflower and rapeseed oil to soak into the skin leaving it soft to the touch.

The Birch Ritual Body Scrub uses the power of the birch bark to gently remove dead skin while the shea butter and organic rapeseed oil hydrates and gives the skin a natural glow.

Finally the Reactivating Body Serum restores smoothness and radiance of the skin stimulating cellular regeneration and providing it with deep hydration. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 the oil serum protects against free radicals and helps to reduce cellulite. The natural antioxidant Vitamin E can help to diminish scarring and marks creating an even skin tone. For an even deeper application, massage the serum in with a jade roller.

The Birch Ritual Collection is inspired by Swedish tradition but enhanced using modern technology. It promises smooth, toned, silky skin in time for the Summer months.